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Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in households and businesses. They tend to favour conditions similar to those that humans create, which is why effective cockroach management in Perth is so important. Cockroaches can contaminate food, utensil and preparation areas with droppings, vomit and cast skins.
Additionally wherever a cockroach infestation occurs is usually accompanied with a foul odour, caused by their droppings, vomit and bodily secretions. Current legislation requires all food businesses to provide a kitchen free of pests, an easy way to do this is for Allpest to provide you with a Foodsafe, HACCP and AQIS compliant cockroach management program.
Gel for Cockroaches
Gel baits are available with a variety of active ingredients, several of which can work on cockroaches. The cockroaches consume the bait and are killed by the active ingredient. However, cockroaches can be finicky when it comes to baits and have demonstrated an aversion to particular baits. Often, the result is that the roaches do not consume the bait and are not controlled. Gel baits also dry out in time and become unattractive to the cockroaches. Due to these challenges, contacting a pest control professional is advised before attempting to bait. Pest control professionals are knowledgeable about cockroach biology and habits as well as baiting strategies. Along with baits, they also have many techniques they can implement to resolve the infestation.
Cockroach Traps
Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and are rarely seen during the day. As such, an infestation can be difficult to identify. One way of confirming the presence of cockroaches is through the use of cockroach traps. Cockroaches can be trapped indoors or outdoors.
However, cockroach traps kill individual insects and are not capable of addressing entire infestations. Should you find a cockroach in your home or garden, contact your local pest control professional to discuss next steps.
How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Cockroaches?
The length of time it takes to rid your home of a cockroach infestation depends largely upon species and size of infestation. Many over-the-counter products homeowners utilize often prove ineffective against a cockroach infestation. These pests are extremely adaptable and may even be resistant to some home extermination methods.
The most rapid and effective pest control methods are those administered by trained pest control professionals. There are several techniques and tools that can be employed or recommended by these professionals to get rid of cockroaches. One strategy is for the pest control professional to partner with the homeowner to reduce the cockroach attractants. Sources like pet food dishes, drains, dishwashers, trash cans, etc. should be maintained, cleaned and/or stored properly. Another step is to determine the source or entry point for the cockroaches. Some cockroaches, like the German cockroach, are primarily carried into the home. Homeowners should be careful to inspect items such as used furniture or appliances for cockroaches before bringing them home. Outdoor cockroaches may invade under doors and through open windows. Homeowners and the pest control professionals should collaborate to seal up the home as much as possible. Pest control professional also can employ traps such as glue boards in areas where cockroaches may travel or hide. Yet another tool can be proper applications of products such as baits and residuals to cracks/crevices, harborage areas and the exterior of the home. The actual plan and time to get rid of cockroaches will vary by home and situation.

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