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Wood Borers are insects that destroy wood or its related products by eating it up and eventually rotting it. And as most of these pests are invisible to the naked eye as they are found inside woods. Then Wood Borer Control and Borer Control Services practices are badly needed. There are number of wood borer insecticide in the market. we offer our special Larvicide service a form of wood borer treatment through which we can track and terminate these pests with ease, bringing them to an end. The technology and methods we use will not harm or destroy your wooden furnitures but removes the borers with ease. The methods we use are eco-friendly, odourless and produce quick results which are also long lasting. This process is done to kill the Wood borer pests during their larva stage thus causing more damage and bringing more effect.
The adult beetles are small, ranging from 2-7 mm in length, light brown to almost black in colour. Life span of powder post beetles varies from 1 to 5 years, depending on the quality of the wood they infest, fluctuation in temperature, moisture content of the wood & species of beetle. The larvae eat hard dry wood, tunnel through timbers in successive generations until the interior is completely reduced to fine powder and the surface shell is perforated by many small shot holes. Generation after generations of the insects may develop in the dry wood with little external evidence until yellowish powder is seen.
Inspect timber and wood products when selecting, if possible, or when delivered to your home for emergence holes.
Use wood that his been kiln or air dried to reduce moisture that is favorable to wood-infesting beetles.
Firewood should be debarked, split (to speed drying), and stored away from structures.
Reduce moisture inside the home with proper ventilation, drainage, and dehumidifiers.
Treat unfinished wood with a DACAPO product (before sealing) to prevent damage from wood-destroying organisms.
Infested branches or limbs outdoors can be burned.

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