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"Misting and fogging are systems that Bruce has always loved using, they're effective and of great value to the client!"
Are you looking for information about misting and fogging systems for your property? Mosquitoes and other biting insects can pose a problem for Sydney residents and business operators during the warmer months, when the high humidity and warm weather results in mosquito swarms and outbreaks. Because these are the times when people tend to spend more time outside entertaining or relaxing, incidences of mosquito bites and similar irritations increase dramatically.
While many people rely on sprays, candles, and other insect repellents for temporary respite against mosquitoes, misting and fogging systems are another option for keeping mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay during the summer months.
What is a misting system?
A mosquito mister is a specialised mosquito-repellent system that is designed to reduce incidences of mosquito bites or bites by other small insects. These systems are usually set up in high-risk outdoor areas, and spray a mist of containing an insect repelling agent throughout the area on a regular basis. The systems usually comprise a set of tubing, through which the repellent is fed, and a switch or a timer to regulate when the chemicals are sprayed.
What is a fogging system?
Fogging systems are usually used in areas where incidences of mosquito bites are quite high. These include extremely humid areas or areas where there are large amounts of still water. Mosquito foggers spray a "fog” of insect repellent in order to stave off mosquitoes and other pests. There are two types of fogging systems: thermal systems, which may only be used outdoors; and cold fogging systems, which may be used either indoors or outdoors.
Installing a misting and fogging system
Because misting and fogging systems involve sophisticated equipment as well as chemical agents, an expert installation of such a system is recommended. An expert installer will be able to ensure that only approved substances are used, that timers are set to appropriate intervals, that appropriate ventilation has been allowed for, and that any spraying agents are placed an appropriate distance from any heat sources that may otherwise pose a hazard. These systems should be part of an integrated insect control system, and should take into account other factors found to help reduce problems associated with insect swarms and infestations, such as keeping vegetation trimmed and removing or treating bodies of still water. Our company is experienced in putting together effective and integrated systems to help deal with the most persistent insect problems, so for more information about installing a misting and fogging system in your property, feel free to contact us.

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